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Fernando Padilla

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Fernando Padilla
Director of the Project Management Office Puerto Rico, PREPA
Speaker 2019


Director of the Office of Program Management, Restructuring and Fiscal Affairs of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), in addition to his role as PMO (Main Project Officer), where he directs strategic projects, implementation of the Certified Fiscal Plan and execution of the mitigation projects of the electrical system of Puerto Rico.

He has belonged to PREPA's Restructuring team since entering the insolvency stage and leniency agreements with its creditors. He previously served as Fiscal Agent of the Government Development Bank, optimizing the economic resources of public corporations. Assigned to the Office of the President of the BGF, involved in financing projects, operations, financial statements, and strategies in order to implement fiscal policy in the Government of Puerto Rico. He began his career in the "Program Management" area of ​​Honeywell Aerospace (Aguadilla), in the implementation and supervision of contracts for the development of aerospace products and technology. Responsible for developing the budget, estimate, and mathematical methods to meet the contract requirements in spending and estimated cash flow.